We Should have a Water Softener in the House

You might be surprised! A water softener could be just what you’re looking for to end that seemingly eternal quest for healthy glowing skin and soft vibrant hair.

All sorts of creams, lotions, soaps and shampoos promise great skin and hair. The truth of the matter is that it all starts with the water.water softener repair and services

Get the water right and you’ll be starting off on the right foot. Get the water wrong and you stand little chance of getting the result you want.

The Health Issue
Nearly all of us bathe using hard water, where soaps and shampoos combine with the impurities of hard water to form a sticky dull film that coats our skin and our hair.

The film, known as soap curd, prevents the natural restorative oils that our bodies produce from reaching the surface of our skin and the strands of our hair. We emerge dull and sticky.

In an attempt to overcome the negative effects of bathing with hard water, we apply an endless parade of oils and lotions to dilute the film, comfort our troubled skin and add luster to our hair. There’s a much better way!water softeners

Simply attach the Ohh! Soft water softener to your shower. You’ll immediately enjoy the difference. Silky smooth skin and hair will be yours! And with just a dab of soap and shampoo!

You’ll experience previously blocked natural oils returning to the clean skin surface. The true beauty, health and softness of skin and hair is fully restored with a few brief showers.

How It All Works
This compact, fully functioning, ion-exchange water softener attaches so simply to any standard shower pipe. Don’t go looking for complicated installation procedures. With Ohh! Soft, there aren’t any!

When water flows through the Ohh! Soft water softener, the exchange resin captures hard water ions of calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron replacing them with soft water ions of sodium.

The exchange resin retains these hard water ions that must be removed on a regular basis. Exchange resin renewal is simply done with a salt water solution and rinse. The frequency of renewal is determined by water use and by water hardness.

In Great Lakes communities where water hardness is 8 grains/US gal, the Ohh! Soft exchange resin will soften about 170 US gallons of hard water. This amounts to approximately 12 five-minute soft water showers.

No matter where you live though, you can do a really simple hardness test that will tell you how often you should renew the exchange resin.

Not One Of Those Pretenders!
Products and devices that claim the ability to soften water without regeneration are invalid. The only scientifically sound method originates in the conventional ion exchange water softener.

The Ohh! Soft water softener is a unique, fully functioning, portable, ion exchange water softener with remarkable endurance. Don’t be fooled by imposters!

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