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Rotting sewer lines made out of cast iron or terra cotta fail unexpectedly leaving you with an emergency sewer repair need. These types of sewer lines typically project out from your home and link with the sewer system or maybe a septic tank in your yard. Any time a sewer line stops working it results in your home having unusable toilets, a major health issue.

Each of our professional plumbing specialists is available 24 hours a day to fix your sewer line repair needs. Through several years of on the job expertise, our plumbing techs will rapidly respond and fix your issue immediately and appropriately to accurate city plumbing standards for your local area. Our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured. For rapid maintenan,ce or service contact us.
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Primary Reasons for Sewer Repair Service

Our plumbers can do more than just cleaning your sewer lines. Mammoth offers complete sewer line repair services including repair, replace.ment, and new installation. With more than 25 years of experience, our plumbers have seen and fixed every type of sewer issue. The main causes of sewer line repair are:

The Best Sewer Repair Specialist

Broken, Offset, Collapsed, or Cracked pipes – damaged caused by foundation settling, shifting soil, frozen ground conditions, etc.
Corrosion – sewer pipe material has deteriora,ted and/or broken leading to collapse and flow restrictions
Root Infestation – the clogging of a sewer pipe due to tree or shrub roots breaking, collapsing, and growing within the pipe
Blockage – the buildup of grease or foreign object(s) that prohibit or restrict flow sewer pipes and prevent proper cleaning of the line
Bellied Pipe – section of sewer pipe that has sunk because of shifting soils or improper compaction underneath the pipe creating a valley that collects debris, paper, and waste
Improper Material – existing or old sewer pipes made from outdated inferior materials which have deteriorated or corroded
Leaking Joints – seals between sewer pipes have failed or broken, which allows water to escape
Under the Slab Tunneling and Rerouting
Many house owners are petrified of facing the problem of a leak under the slab. Under the slab tunneling, however, need not be an issue for worry. The experienced professionals from our plumbing company take care of this easily and the problem can be safely and surely rectified.

You can take advantage of the recent technological advances in tunnel video probes used by our plumbers. Leaks in water, sewer, or drainage pipes can damage the foundation. This could create problems that affect the entire neighborhood.

Under the slab tunneling and rerouting requires a high level of professional skill in plumbing, welding, and soldering. We have a lot of experience in under-the-slab tunneling and rerouting in the state of Texas.

We use only the best quality parts to fix the pipes. With us in charge of under-the-slab tunneling and rerouting, you can have complete peace of mind and never have to worry about trench splits in the middle of your house.

Video Camera Sewer Inspection

Inspecting sewers in the conventional method involved large-scale excavations. With the introduction of video inspection of sewer pipelines, the process of locating blocks and damages in sewer pipes have become a lot easier. The fiber optic sewer inspection camera we use can easily and effectively point out the blocks and clogs in your camera pipe inspections

Sewer Repair Professional

We have 25 years of expertise with sewer line repair and replacement and are constantly updated with all the newest innovations in plumbing repair service. As usual, repairing sewer lines is called cut and cover, which is the digging of a trench to remove the troublesome sewage pipe and put in a newer line. With years of experience, we know how to repair your sewer lines with only minimal damage to your lawn. Give us a call to find out more.

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