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With today’s environmental climate, it is very important to be green in our cleaning processes. Not only because it helps us keep our families safe, but it also keeps our planet safe as well. One of the rooms it might seem difficult to do this in is the bathroom. Since this part of our home seems to require such harsh chemicals, you may wonder what kind of substitutions could be made. Let’s go over how to do this in a very simple way.Bathroom plumbing

Most cleaning products on the market today can be replaced by using a few simple ingredients. These are ingredients that are already in most homes, and in fact, your grandmother was probably very knowledgeable on everything they could be used for. Things like baking soda and vinegar have so many uses that it would require a few pages to list all of them. They are also safe to be around children, without the fear of dangerous fumes during use.

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Baking soda and vinegar are two of the main products that will be used in your new green cleaning processes. Some other lesser-known items are toothpaste, cream of tartar, lemon oil furniture polish, rubbing alcohol and club soda. A portable steam machine will also be a huge help in regards to sterilization and killing bacteria immediately. Also, using white distilled vinegar and apple cider vinegar will create different results depending on how to use them.

Preventive cleaning keeps you from having to deep clean later, and one example of this is baking soda in your bath. Not only does it keep rings from forming at the water level, but it also softens your skin! Vinegar when heated, can remove decal glue that may have become a stain or dried spot on your porcelain tub sections. It can also help to remove color stains from container labels whose colors have run due to the constant stream of water.

The web is an excellent place to learn how to mix these items correctly and whether you need to make them a paste or a liquid. The treasure trove of information that is on there will show you how to clean every home in your house and be green at the same time. Recipes for each cleaning situation include exact measures and how-to videos so you can’t make a mistake.

Some examples of some interesting cleaning processes are as follows. Club soda will make your countertops sparkle just by using a wet cloth to wipe them off. Lemon juice and salt will clean the toilet seat hinges that are hard to reach, and a toothbrush is perfect for getting into these small spaces. Cream of tartar and vinegar mixture will clean your sinks and remove any makeup stains that may have appeared during use.

Sink and shower faucet fixtures are easily cleaned with rubbing alcohol and will remove hard water stains. For those difficult metal shower frame doors, use lemon oil furniture polish to get rid of accumulated water spots and bring them back to a sparkling shine. If you like the clean smell that certain products leave behind, use tea tree oil as part of your new cleaning regime. This will deodorize and disinfect at the same time.

Since the information is so accessible, there is no need to endanger your children or families with toxic substances, chemicals or cleaning products. Cleaning products in your bathroom are no exception and you can be just as clean, green and safe in that room, as you can in every other part of your home. The Internet will lead the way with some research on your part on how to be smart and safe in every part of new cleaning regime.bathroom plumbing

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